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FlutterDash- Best Shipping ;)
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Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
New Zealand
Hi everyone, Lilly The Omega Wolf here.
I'm a 24 year old Christian who lives in New Zealand.

I'm a film maker and lover of cute romance stories. I'm a freelance camera operator and editor who likes making pretty pictures for people to enjoy.
I love wolves, malamutes and guinea pigs.
Alpha and Omega as well as Balto are my two top films and I'm a big fan of both. Lilly is my absolute favourite character overall, she's so adorable and when I look at her, I see myself reflected back in many ways.

I was Flutterdash7 till I began to move away from MLP then I was Frostfairy for a time. Frostfairy is one of the lesser used ship names for Jack Frost and Toothiana from Rise of the Guardians. A good name, but I think Lilly The Omega Wolf best reflects me, my writing and my interests. Its also nice to not have a username based solely on a good ship for once.

My main focus is mostly geared toward Tails x Cream, Balto x Jenna and Kate x Humphrey stories at the moment. When Two Worlds Collide is my main Balto fan fiction and covers the story of his parentage as well as Balto's early days with Jenna. In a month or two's time it will be joined by an Alpha and Omega story about Lilly, Kate and Humphrey growing up, falling in love but not being allowed to become mates with the wolf of their dreams because of the laws of their pack. Its set before the first movie, but also stretches into the movie itself to fill in some of the blanks. It naturally has cute Kate x Humphrey and Lilly x Garth shipping. Then I'm also working on a Sonic the hedgehog story as I want to write something that includes all my Sonic ships.

My top three movies/fandoms for me at the moment are Alpha and Omega, Balto and Sonic. Wreck-it Ralph comes in at a close third though. So there is sure to be come Ralph x Vanellope stories coming at some point this year.

My OTPs...

Alpha and Omega: Humphrey / Kate
Garth / Lilly

Sonic: Tails x Cream
Sonic / Amy
Knuckles / Sticks
Vector / Vanilla
Silver / Blaze

Wreck-it Ralph: Ralph / Vanellope

Animals of Farthing Wood: Fox / Vixen
Weasel / Measly

Balto: Balto / Jenna
Dusty / Kodi
Mel / Dipsy

league of legends: Ezreal / Lux
Ahri / Volibear
Zac / Riven

Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost / Toothiana

Lady and the Tramp: Scamp / Angel
Tramp / Lady

Animorphs: Tobias x Rachel

Lion King: Simba / Nala

My little Pony: Twilight / Princess Luna
Soarin' / Spitfire
Shining Armour / Cadence
Fluttershy / Rainbow Dash

Digimon: Takari (T.K. and Kari. But their digimon also ship together well too.)
Jak and Daxter: Jak / Keira
Ice Age: Shira / Diego
Tangled: Flynn / Rapunzel
Toy Story: Woody / Bo Peep, Buzz Lightyear / Jessie
Pokemom: Ash/Misty and Raichu/Mew (yes... shipping actual pokemon... most of the human characters are just so annoying.)
How to train your Dragon: Hiccup / Astrid
Dragon Ball: Goku / Chichi
Crash Bandicoot: Coco Bandicoot / Dingodile
Chaos Legion: Sieg / Arcia
Ratchet and Clank: Angela Cross / Ratchet.
Open Season: Boog / Ursa

Balto and jenna stamp 2 by okamiblancoJackXTooth Fan by Allendra3Kate and Humphrey stamp by Chidori1334
Digimon Stamp: TK and Kari 2 by LilSweetKitty Disney Simba + Nala Stamp by TwilightProwler Goku x Chi Chi stamp by MissCath
TwiLuna Stamp by rivalcatCadence x Shining Armor Stamp by SonicandErikfan SoarinFire Stamp by SoraRoyals77
WoW by Wolf20Diego and Shira Stamp by xXCrossArrowXxlady and the tramp I and II by equestrian10
Taiream stamp by DuzartesaSonAmy Winning Stamp by Janie7The7TigressDisney Vanellope Fist Bump Stamp by TwilightProwler
Knouge stamp by migueruchanSilvaze Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16Vecilla stamp by SonicAngel948
Trust by MolochTDL
Shadria Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Taiream Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog
SonAmy Fan Button (Request) by Super-Hedgehog
Stamp Angel and Scamp by PallasAthene04Lady and the Tramp by mitchie-vAladdin 2 by princess-femi-stamps
1st Shrek movie stamp by Pouasson-de-oroRedwall Stamp by redwall-clubTails Stamp by Super-Hedgehog
Open season movie stamp by Antho16Tangled - Alone at Last by VilyaneTangled - Flynn: Wake Up II by Vilyane

And my top games...
Tails at the Beach STAMP by Midday-MewBorderlands 2 Stamp by badtraneSupreme commander stamp by forgotten-mystery
Borderlands 2 Gaige Stamp by SpectreSinistreBorderlands 2 Stamp - Krieg by mentalmarsBorderlands 1 Brick Splash Stamp by SpectreSinistre
Mr. Torgue by SKy-2008Unreal Tournament 2004 by AndrewDoherty1981
League of Legends: Lux Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends Stamp by KenukoNidalee Stamp Skin by Dweynie
League of Legends: Annie Stamp by immature-giraffeEzreal Stamp Skin by DweynieLolipoppy Stamp by Junelle-O
League of Legends: Corki Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Kog'Maw Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Rammus Stamp by immature-giraffe
LoL - Ezreal Lux splash by ConShinn

Animals of Farthing wood stamp by Gaurdianax
My fave characters from what is probably the oldest animated show I am a huge fan of:
AOFW Stamp: Fox by DetectiveRJ x AOFW Stamp: Vixen by DetectiveRJ

Other cool characters:
AOFW Stamp: Whisper by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Lady Blue by DetectiveRJ Bold and Whisper by Farthingwood-FanclubMeasley+Weasel by Revay
AOFW Stamp: Charmer by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Ranger by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Bold by DetectiveRJ

And these are my fave pokemon (because I play some pokemon Alpha Sapphire and enjoy battling people online with my OP lineup of cuteness)
Shiny Mega Absol by Marlenesstamps Shiny Raichu by Marlenesstamps Mew Stamp by Kevfin
And I love suicune, or as I always call her, Sweetie
pokemon suicune by XiahismSuicune Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsShining Suicune Stamp. by KuroKarasu

And the rest of my core party:
Xerneas Stamp by DraconaVampiraGreninja stamp by KyuzethShiny Typhlosion by Marlenesstamps

I have some weird as ships to write for...

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 14, 2015, 1:00 AM

Vanellope and Ralph are the latest addition to that list after I watched Wreck-it Ralph last night. I'm terrible... the movie wasn't even over before I was shipping the two of them. 

Then another of the ships I quite like is Runt and Daria…
Although I seem to be one of the few who ship them as he's not even a grown wolf and she's his blind friend. The story I'm writing takes place after Runt grows up a bit more. So yea... I try not to take the pup x adult wolf road too much... 

But when you throw Tails/Cream (because a fox and a rabbit is totally normal...) Vanilla the rabbit and Vector the crocodile, 
Coco Bandicoot/Dingodile, Discord/Celestia and Raichu/Mew in there and I seem to have this weird thing for interspecies shipping too. Maybe I just support too many different ships (although none conflict with one another, which is awesome!)

Probably the most normal of the weird ships I like would be DisLestia.
This leads me to something I want to share as Im unsure of if I should continue it. Its been on my mind recently and I'm strongly considering continuing it.
I only just touched this DisLestia/FlutterDash story again after nearly 2 years... Its set just after discord's reformation and starts with:

“And here is your room Discord,” Celestia motioned with a wing as she opened the door. “Make yourself comfortable.”

The ornate palace room was elegant but simple, this one in particular was clearly decked out for something bigger than just a normal pony, with a massive four poster bed sitting certainly within.

Discord gazed at the bed thoughtfully. It reminded him of something in his time before he was first turned to stone. Was this- no. This could not be...

The master of chaos scratched his chin thoughtfully. Maybe it was his old bed.

“Thank you Celestia. I am sure to do so,” the trickster twirled gracefully into his new room, instantly rearranging it.

All the objects in the room, including Celestia began to float about as if on their way to a new home.

However, they just kept floating.

And floating....

...And floating...

The royal alicorn tired of waiting and teleported a short distance toward the door, escaping the reformed draconequus’s magic.

With a blast from her horn, everything fell to the floor with a mighty crash.

“...And I was having so much fun,” pouted Discord.

“When I said you could make it your own, I didn’t mean you could send everything flying,” reprimanded the ruling pony.

“But this is what makes me feel at home,” a pawed hand waved about, levitating the bed and a few other items.

The pure white alicorn sighed. She knew she should have at least seen this coming. “Okay. Then make this room your own. But only this room. I do not wish to see you pulling your tricks on the rest of the castle. Or Equestria.”

“Yes mom...” Discord waved the celestial princess away, feigning boredom in the face of the overbearing mare.

Celestia faced him again, regaining her regular composure, “Now then, as we agreed, you are free to roam the castle and Equestria as a whole, so long as you do not use your powers to harm others. I think we can also come to an agreement over certain terms you may have. A compromise, if you will on where your powers are allowed to be used.”

“I think I can live with that, yes. I take it you will be summoning me from time to time to... help save your little ponies.” He made a rather girly action, doing his best to look like a mare in need.

“I will be, yes.” Celestia confirmed with a nod, trying not to giggle at his silliness.

“Not that I can refuse you, since my new friend Fluttershy would get all sad.”

Celestia smiled brightly at this. “Yes she would. I take it this means you still can feel the power of friendship?”

With a sigh, Discord nodded. “Yes. And it hurts as much as it seems to heal.”

“I see. Well then, Discord, I hope you will make yourself at home. Should you need anything else, you may see either the guards, or you can address me directly.” With the faint glow of her horn, Celestia opened the door and then left the room to it’s new chaotic occupant.

Mild surprise settled upon the crazy creatures face. “Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be...” He teleported across to his bed and lay upon it as it floated slowly around the room.

A small cotton candy cloud appeared between his forearms and he took a swipe at it before slowly starting to much on his snack. His mind drifted back to the ponies who had first beaten him and now had tamed him. If nothing else, he knew things were about to change for the stranger in his already warped life. A smile settled upon his face as the slow rocking of his bed lulled his senses.

Princess Celestia paused halfway down the hallway. She allowed her gaze to travel back to the room with the floating items. A sigh escaped her lips. There had been no indication that he remembered. That mighty room should have elicited a greater response.

The draconequus paused, half a glob of chocolate cloud in his maw. Was that the sound of hooves returning?  


“Oh, it’s just you Celestia. I don’t need to be put to sleep with silly stories about your little ponies you know.”

“That’s not why I came back.”

One lazy eye graced the princess. For the briefest of moments the lord of chaos wondered what else his oldest and dearest enemy could want.

Celestia took her time to summon the courage to speak.

After a few seconds, she saw the one eye leave as the draconequus continued to munch on the cotton candy cloud.

“I-" deep breath. Celestia forced her gaze to stay fixed to her old nemesis's face. "If... you discover you really wish to help us... to help me-" The words caught in the mighty alicorn's throat as she fought against herself. "You may yet see your daughter once more.”

Everything crashed to the floor once more.

The once dry draconequus poked his head out from the candy cloud that had embedded itself on his muzzle. Wide eyes gazed in unbelief at the alicorn before him.

In the stunned silence, one word escaped the shocked creature's mouth, “what?”


What do you guys think? Is it worth continuing? The next scene is Flutterdash cuteness written by NintendoGal55 and I 2 years ago. With some tweaks, it would be ready to go. All I need to do find out where I want this story to go now. So yea... ideas are welcome.

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